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Hormone Balance is Bullsh*t

I hear the term hormone balance in reference to perimenopause and menopause a lot and I want to say this NOW so that it's completely clear: that term is complete bullsh*t.

There are many, MANY coaches, fitness experts and supplement companies (the WORST offenders) who claim that this is a thing and they can solve all of your problems with one system or pill. Whelp. I'm here to tell you that it's a marketing term. It's not real. Save your money and don't believe the hype. First and foremost, this is a journey and there is no one-size-fits-all approach and secondly, that term just irks me!


  1. It sets an expectation that isn't achievable. Also, it's triggering. I mean, aren't we doing enough trying to balance career, family, and all of the obligations that come with being a middle-aged human with responsibilities?

  2. The word balance literally means even distribution and all hormones (reproductive or otherwise) are not evenly distributed! They fluctuate.

  3. While there are lots of herbal allies (adaptogens for example) that can assist in relieving symptoms, a lot of supplement companies claiming to solve your hormone imbalance in one pill are (frankly) getting high on their own farts. Don't let them steal your money. Often these one-stop-shop pills don't even have the required dosage of each ingredient to make any difference. Furthermore, they don't have the 3rd party testing required to prove their efficacy. Zeroing in on the specific supplements that work for you and then buying them from reputable companies, in the right dosage, is important. Best to consult your doctor first.

I'd like to suggest that what we are really trying to achieve within our body is harmony: a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity -- which involves more than just our hormones, and doesn't it feel and sound better than the term balance?

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