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Private Pilates Classes

Looking for private pilates classes in the greater New York City area? You’ve come to the right place!


Hi, I’m Julia! I have the knowledge and expertise to work with people of all ages, fitness levels, and Pilates experience and interests, including pre and postnatal individuals and folks recovering from injuries. Pilates is an excellent complement to your physical therapy program.


I am a skier and snowboarder and have suffered both a broken wrist and an ACL rupture; if these are your hobbies, I am DEFINITELY the right instructor for you.


Most importantly, I provide a fun, no-pressure, no-BS atmosphere.  If this is your vibe, get in touch!


I also teach group Pilates classes in person at various locations around NYC. So whether you're looking for in-person or online training, private pilates classes, or in a group, I’m here to help! We'll work together to identify your fitness goals and develop a personalized plan for you.


I teach at four different New York / New Jersey locations.

I am on staff at Project Pilates in Jersey City > group classes / semi-private / private Pilates classes

I rent space at 212 Pilates in Midtown East > semi-private / private Pilates classes

My Studio in Harrison, NJ > private Pilates classes (equipment and mat sessions)


NOTE: Sessions in Harrison require a prescreening Intro Zoom before scheduling.

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