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Holistic Health Coach for Women



Being a woman isn’t easy.  It comes with all sorts of f*ckery, and I firmly believe that the cultural norms around women's health need to be challenged so that every woman can have the knowledge and power to speak about her health needs and desires confidently. As a holistic health coach for women, I don’t endorse restrictive diets or focusing on your weight (aka the dreaded scale). I believe in promoting realistic nutrition goals and developing healthy behaviors and confidence at any weight


A healthy lifestyle is only possible when hormones are in check, and any underlying issues are identified and understood. I aim to empower women to manage their health by guiding them, not dictating what they should do. I offer a holistic approach in a nonjudgmental, irreverent, no-BS environment where women feel comfortable and seen. 


As a no-nonsense holistic health coach for women, I'm results-driven, and you should be, too. That doesn't mean I lack compassion and empathy; it means that the only way to make change is by doing the work rather than complaining about our problems.  If you follow the steps we put in place, you will succeed!


Whether you're a young woman struggling with weight loss, confidence, body image, burnout, or dysregulated hormones or a middle-aged woman dealing with perimenopause, menopause, and other chaos that comes with aging, together, we will find ways to help you feel infinitely better than you do right now.

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