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The Full Story


How Did I Get Here?

On an evening in March of 2020, I had just gotten home from working an 11-hour day at my corporate real estate job.  I bent down to get something out of the kitchen cabinet, hit my head and burst into tears.  It didn’t even hurt.  Not really.

Dramatic, right?  Maybe.

The truth was I was burnt out.  My sleep was a disaster, I was overweight and fatigued all of the time despite the fact that I was working out consistently and eating right.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on!  I felt alone and totally out of control of my body.

I  looked at my husband and said, “I’m done, I need a time-out so I can figure out what the heck I’m doing.  I can’t keep this up anymore.” 

One week later, our office shut down due to the pandemic and the decision was made that we were working from home indefinitely.  Although not ideal circumstances, my time-out was handed to me.


A month later I stood in the deli line at the grocery store, masked up and gloved up and I had my first hot flash.  One year later, filled with total disgust and frustration at the lack of information and attention given to perimenopause and menopause, I started a podcast about the subject.  A few months after that, I decided to go back to school and get my health coaching certification, along with finishing up my Pilates apparatus training. 

I hope that my experience and knowledge can help you on your journey with midlife change, body bedlam and burnout.  Whether it’s as specific as weight loss or as nebulous as fatigue, I’m here to support you on your journey, whatever it might be!

More About Me

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with an emphasis on hormone health and a focus on perimenopause, menopause and burnout.  I am also a graduate of the Kane School of Pilates.  I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida.

I cohost the perimenopausal podcast, Circling the Drain:  a show about the period before you stop getting your period.  I am also a three time alumni of the switched up storytelling series, No You Tell It


I studied meditation and philosophy at Philosophy Works in New York City, where I received my mantra for Transcendental Meditation in 2013. I have been an avid practitioner of both mindfulness and TM ever since.  

I always remind myself that my body is forever-changing, so it's important to remain flexible.  What worked 2 years ago may not work today!


I believe that even in our darkest moments, humor is everything.  I believe that change is necessary and patience is essential.  I believe power comes from resilience. 

Some things I'm very good at:  starting several books at once and not finishing any of them, skipping steps in a recipe and pretending it tastes fine, and not sharing popcorn at the movies as I eat the ENTIRE tub.

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