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How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine!

Celebrity trainer and group fitness instructor Cheri Paige Fogleman tells us how to stay motivated!

"Motivation for exercise" is that elusive magic potion that sexy-fit-Instagrammers seem to all have, and mere mortals wish they had the recipe for.

Now YOU do.

Instead of “motivation,” I prefer the term “commitment.” Motivation is just so fleeting. The goal is to understand how to develop an ongoing relationship with exercise. So, commit. Commit to walking yourself, as you commit to walking the dog (or watering the plant, or calling your mom, or reading to your kid each day, etc.).

Now, what are you committing to, exactly? Commit to providing yourself, daily, with some instant gratification.

Wait. Wha?!? Instant gratification? For a long-term relationship with exercise? Yes. Flip your thinking— from long-term results to instant gratification.

Take a moment and brainstorm all the immediate results you feel from working out. I’ve created a list, and yours might be a bit different. But here are some of my ideas:

  1. Feeling more awake

  2. Feeling more alert

  3. Feeling more empowered

  4. Better range of motion

  5. Feeling more hopeful/mood boost

  6. Feeling warmer

  7. Better feeling joints

  8. Stress relief

  9. Better balance

We live in such an instant gratification world that it's nearly impossible to stay motivated when only focusing on long-term results (like weight loss or stronger bones). When I’m sitting on the edge of not wanting to exercise, I remind myself of just how much I’m gaining from only 20-30 minutes of mindful movement. A short workout still has a LOT of return on investment when looking at the instant results. Try focusing on the quick results and know that we don’t only get just one of these immediate results when we work out— we get ALL of them each and EVERY TIME we exercise.

What kind of mindful movement, exactly? Think of a gentle jog, bike ride, cardio kickboxing YouTube video, yoga class, Pilates class, or a strength training session (with greater results from longer bouts of movement).

The more you focus on the immediate results of exercise, the more likely you are to come back tomorrow for more because to achieve long-term results, consistency is KEY.

The more regular you are with exercise, the more likely you are to see those longer-term goals, like:

  1. Increased strength/bigger muscles

  2. Stronger bones

  3. Healthier skin

  4. Better sleep (for some folks, this can be a more immediate result)

  5. Weight loss

  6. Better endurance

  7. Stronger immune system

  8. Improved cardiovascular health

Something to note here: These instant results of exercise are more about how things feel in your mind, body, and soul, while the longer-term results are more about how things look and the physical and biological measurements of things.

Stay committed to your workouts not by looking in the mirror or weighing yourself but instead by stopping and taking note of how things feel before and after a workout.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Commit to yourself instead of looking for motivation

  2. Focus on the immediate results of exercise

  3. Let the instant results call you back for more of the same tomorrow and the day after because consistency is key to longer-term change


Cheri Paige Fogleman is a celebrity trainer and group fitness instructor whose career has spanned over two decades. She breathes life into cardio-sculpt, flexibility, and core classes. Cheri’s specialty is helping fitness newbies (and those returning!) live longer, stronger, and more fulfilling lives. Among other certifications, she’s pre/postnatal certified and a certified run coach through RRCA. She was one of the first trainers in the world to teach live workouts online through Daily Burn 365, and her audio running podcasts are also available on Daily Burn.

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