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Corporate Wellness

Having over 15 years of experience working in the corporate world, I have first-hand knowledge of the culture, stress, and challenges of high-octane, high-performance environments. This understanding, along with my openness and sense of humor, puts employees at ease, allowing for a setting that nurtures honesty, curiosity, and trust.


Employees often want to make a change but are unsure where to begin. Using client-centered coaching, I hold each employee with unconditional positive regard and recognize that the true power for change rests with them. They just need assistance in finding the right motivation. 

I offer several services, including but not limited to one-on-one Health Coaching with Employees, designing and administering health challenges, as well as lunch and learns and group fitness options either in-person or online.

I can work independently or collaboratively with your Human Resources team.

My Method

Let's Talk ROI

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