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What the heck is Perimenopause?

Fast Facts

If you were born with ovaries, menopause is unavoidable.  The diagnosis of menopause is a retrospective diagnosis when you have not menstruated for 365 days. 


Perimenopause is the time leading up to that point and is typically when you become symptomatic.  It can start as early as your 30’s and last anywhere from 4 months to 14 years. 


You read that correctly,  FOURTEEN YEARS!


If you are experiencing irregular periods, sleep disruption, increased anxiety, changes in libido, mood swings, and more, chances are, YOU ARE IN IT.  If your doctor hasn’t helped you or dismissed you, you've come to the right place!   


We will find the right tools for navigating this mid-life f*ckery together!

My Approach


The f*ckery is real!  These symptoms are not in your head, and you are not alone.  Let’s talk about it!


I provide relevant, science-based facts, information, and resources to further your knowledge around your experience so that you can decide what the best approach is for YOU. 


Doctors receive very little training around menopause, let alone perimenopause.  However, there are proactive ways to approach your medical care. 
Together, we strategize the best way to communicate with your medical provider and others in order to receive the care and attention you deserve.


You are the expert on your own body.  Being able to speak intelligently and confidently about your present health and concerns creates sovereignty.   



Take Action!

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